Quality Jiu-Jitsu In Spring TX.

How much does it cost?
This is the main question we see.
I have been told by Marketing Gurus that this question is usually asked because the client doesn't know what else to ask.
That the best way to answer this is to redirect the question.
Many BJJ academies aren't up-front or even post the price on their website and try to get you to come in.
Most academies will charge memberships monthly. Most academies will discount the fees if you pay for a 12 month membership in full. Texas does not allow a "Life time" membership. The more you train, the less expensive each class becomes. Ground Dwellers offers 76 Jiu Jitsu classes per month! That can bring the cost per class down to less than $2.65 each class !!! ($200/mo)

Other BJJ gym fees to be aware of!
Most academies will have a sign up fee!
Groundwellers has no sing up fee or contracts to worry about!
and NO testing fees.

There are several programs to choose from. Best is to come in to check out the facility, cleanliness, quality of instruction and equipment in order to better understand what you are paying for. Knowing how much you
are going to pay without seeing what you are getting is defiantly a brown box special gamble. You don't know what's in the box but you know how much your going to put on the line.
This will also give us the opportunity to discuss your goals.