Quality Jiu-Jitsu In Spring TX.

Unlike other forms of martial arts that focus on punching, kicking, knees and flips, BJJ focuses on self-defense techniques that provide real practical value when your child may find themselves in dangerous situations. Jiu Jitsu is translated as “the gentle art,” it focuses on using technique in the most efficient way possible to control and overcome opponents of greater size and strength thus making BJJ the perfect martial art choice for children.
Why Jiu Jitsu for kids?
–  Improves self- confidence

–  Promotes a healthy life style
–  Teaches self-defense skills
–  Improves focus and concentration
–  Teaches positive social values such as respect, integrity, humility and dignity
–  Improves motor skills, agility, balance and flexibility
–  Improves communication skills
–  Enhances team working skills
–  Teaches kids how to handle negative peer pressure and threatening situations
–  Teaches respect for oneself and others
–  New friendships
–  It’s fun!
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Ages 6-9 on Tuesday and Thursdays - 5:30pm
Only $80/mo
Ages 4 & 5 By evaluation

Ages 10-15 on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays-5:30pm
Only $100/mo

Uniform required after first month. Average cost per uniform is $120.

I will accept some 4year olds and 5 year olds. I would like for them to be able to tell their right from their left and to know their basic body parts.
(Ankles, Knees, Hips, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders and Neck)
The child must not require full attention or be disruptive to the class. If I feel that the child is not ready, please do not take it personal, understand that I can not neglect the other children in class to focus on one child.
Yes, but I do ask that you come in to pick up your child. The rule is .. No child may go out by himself/herself. Parents are more than welcome to sit in the lobby and watch class.