Ground Dwellers Reviews

  • Awesome gym! I walked in a couple of weeks ago and decided to sign up for judo. So far, everyone has been super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

    Louis Martin
  • Eddy is amazing with all the kids! I kid you not, not only has Eddy and his teachings getting my son in line with the discipline through jujitsu , but my son is gaining the confidence he has desired while learning self defense! 🙌

    M Butler
  • What a great gym. Trained here four days in a row while on vacation. They're super friendly, teach a wide variety of techniques, and are so welcoming to visitors. Thanks everyone for the great rolls and thanks Eddie for having such a great gym and community. Anyone visiting Houston ought to get on these mats!

    Tanner Hebert
  • This Dojo and Jujistu Gym has been my saving grace. Jackie and Eddie are remarkable and pro Military. They have made a huge difference in my life and the lives of all that train here. This place is PERFECT to bring your family to learn jujistu. Thank y'all so much for including me in your jujistu family!

    Eve Roko
  • The training is awesome. Wonderful training partners. Eddie is an excellent teacher. He's amazing with kids. If your a woman that wants to train, or would love to learn some realistic self defense, then you should check this place out! There are great ladies who train consistently. Bring your kids, bring your friends you won't be disappointed. My whole family attends. I love Ground Dwellers.

    Denise Knox
  • Ground Dwellers is not only our favorite gym and team we have ever been with, but it’s our family! I love the way Professor Eddie runs this place. He’s so welcoming and treats you like part of his family. I have 2 children in jiu jitsu right now and he amazes me with how patient he is with them. My littlest one Evan (5 years old) is full of energy. He’s all over the place. Professor Eddie just laughs with him and redirects him when needed. He has given my oldest son Ethan (10years old) so much more confidence. He helps him and gives him lots of great advice and tips. He’s become such a big role model for him. We appreciate and consider Professor Eddie an amazing friend. Thank you for guiding our boys, accepting them, and loving them just the way they are! Professor Jackie is just as awesome! She’s always so helpful and also loves those boys like her own. The amount of compassion and knowledge she gives them warms my heart! This will be our jiu jitsu home forever! ❤️

    Jillian Rodriguez
  • Coach Eddie is a great instructor to the young kids wanting to learn jujitsu. I highly recommend any parents that are looking for a good gym.

    Derek Pickens
  • I’m a gym owner myself that’s trained with Coach Eddie, and his Team on multiple occasions. This guy is not only awesome on the mats, but outside as well. You just don’t find too many Genuine people like this guy anymore.

    Tommy Alderete
  • The best smelling BJJ school I have ever been in!

    Great facility, members and instructor.

    Multiple arts, easy parking.

    It doesn’t get much better!

    Stephen Grosch
  • I absolutely loved this school. The instructor and the students were very welcoming. And there's a lot of highly ranked, skilled grapplers here. I'll be back anytime I'm in the area! Thank y'all!

    Sid Siegfried

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